Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreamer, dreamer, daydream believer

I spend a great amount of time thinking. Dreaming almost. The majority of these dreams are directed at trying to figure out that age-old question "who am I". If I were to try to describe myself I would be at a loss for words.
I don't know how many people honestly, truthfully, know who they are. I find it hard to believe that anyone can be sure of something like that - but maybe my brain is just incapable of wrapping itself around that concept. I have vivid memories of sitting in class, looking around and wondering

"How is it no-one else seems bothered by this? Are they oblivious? How do they just go about their day without this obsession with consciousness...?"

I think I may have heard someone remark something similar "Do you ever wonder if anyone else thinks about being here?" a brief statement of enlightenment on their part, but they may have been coming down from a sugar crash - and being that it was during English class, one's mind does seem to wander. I get the impression that wondering if people think like you think is generally a thought process avoided. It's so abstract that without an extensive vocabulary like that of Foucault or other post-modern gurus maybe it's a topic best ignored. I find myself so consumed with this I often find myself drawn to the theory "maybe everyone else is crazy and I'm the only normal one", like the elephant in the room. The outsider looking in. That's the story of my life. So far that's all I've figured out.

Why Disney? A line that as always stuck with me goes as follows;

" A dream is a wish your heart makes ..."

I'll leave it at that