Saturday, November 16, 2013

Colour Week - Day 4 - Violet Eyes

- Elizabeth Taylor watch out, we can have violet eyes too -
Purple has to be my absolute favourite wildcard colour when it comes to eyes.

Sure bronze and burgundy are in the running, (and Blue of course) but nothing says POW like a pop of purple on your peepers.

Okay, I promise the P puns are over (okay now they are), so instead I'll get cracking on a run down on my favourite purple products. (You can't blame me for that one)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Colour Week - Day 3 - This is Pop, Baby

Adding a pop of colour to brighten up the darker days
Well colour week is turning out a bit sporadic, but I'm persevering nonetheless!

I refuse to believe that bright colorus are purely a summer thing. The duller the day, the brighter I wanna make it and these are the products I reach for to do just that!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colour Week - Day 2 - Autumn Leaves

Perfect on fair skins, take inspiration from the world around
Trying to bring in a bit of extra colour into your everyday makeup doesn't need to be complicated. At this time of year there is plenty of inspiration all around us, and fairer skin tones glow when teamed with warming orange shades. And in a strange turn of events ... they're all matts.

Colour Week - Day 1 - Ole' Blue Eyes

Bringing Blue Eye Looks Back with Inglot, Essense, Maybelline and Lancome
If you told me the idea of blue eye shadow scared you, I wouldn't blame you.

Images of 80s music videos and 90s B-movies are pretty terrifying all on their own without re-living them in your makeup mirror when that subtle blue eye look backfires.

That said, the runways this past season have had us reconsidering. And these are just a few products to ease us into the trend...