Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colour Week - Day 2 - Autumn Leaves

Perfect on fair skins, take inspiration from the world around
Trying to bring in a bit of extra colour into your everyday makeup doesn't need to be complicated. At this time of year there is plenty of inspiration all around us, and fairer skin tones glow when teamed with warming orange shades. And in a strange turn of events ... they're all matts.
Coral caused a bit of a craze not long ago, and thankfully it meant the wonders of the orange/coral blush on fair skins became abundantly clear.

Prone to redness and high colouring, I myself are better off avoiding pink blush but more than that, orange shades are simply gorgeous and so unexpected. They're just what you need to warm up the complexion without looking flushed, because let's face it with that cold breeze out there we don't need any help with that.

The most subtle of the three, Nars Sex Appeal is almost invisible on the skin, but just what you need if you're just looking for a little bit of life in the skin. I'm not always in love with the idea of blush, especially because of my naturally-red cheeks, but I can't leave my foundation just flat, this is the one I call on. As a matt it's great for bringing attention to your cheekbones without relying on shimmer, because let's face it sometimes we don't feel like looking like disco balls!

For a little more colour, and more options, I call on my Vanity Professional Makeup Starburst Powder in Peach Glow. It immediately caught my eye when I was looking at the range in The Beauty Boutique and was also the shade the lovely Leanne (the powerhouse behind the brand and the boutique) recommended for me. You can dip into whichever colours you need; be it darker, rich oranges, or lighter peaches with some white to highlight. Of course you can always just swirl your brush around for a bit of a boost on the colder mornings.

Don't hurt me for including Sephora, but I simply had to! When I was in Copenhagen this summer I simply had to hunt down the one and only Sephora store for a browse. Seeing as it was summer I was drawn towards Orange Pop which is a bit of a chameleon colour depending on the light. I would hazard to say it's a little more of a coral than an orange, but there's no denying it's hella bright! With just a light dusting over the cheeks, however, it transforms from a shocking neon to a beautifully warm glow.

Some swatches, because I'm just so good to ya'll!

Vanity Makeup Starburst Powder in Peach Glow, Sephora Orange Pop, Nars Sex Appeal
Yes the Nars is very light, and that's some serious building up! The Sephora needs hardly any encouragement to show itself, and the Starburst Powder is the same - you need a light touch with these two.

Do you switch up your blush colours for the seasons?
Which colour should I feature next for #ColourWeek?