Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colour Week - Day 1 - Ole' Blue Eyes

Bringing Blue Eye Looks Back with Inglot, Essense, Maybelline and Lancome
If you told me the idea of blue eye shadow scared you, I wouldn't blame you.

Images of 80s music videos and 90s B-movies are pretty terrifying all on their own without re-living them in your makeup mirror when that subtle blue eye look backfires.

That said, the runways this past season have had us reconsidering. And these are just a few products to ease us into the trend...
The runways don't always give us ready-to-wear looks, however, Marc Jacobs Spring and Autumn catwalks were full of them. The most iconic was the graphic electric blue eyeliner - which is a doddle with something like Lancôme Artliner. Fine line, long lasting colour and guaranteed wow factor. I love wearing this in a fine feline flick with a dusting of champagne eyeshadow. Minimal effort, maximum impact. Similarly, a blue kohl pencil like Essence Long Lasting eye pencil is a nice way to add just a hint of colour to a neutral eye. I walked past a girl on Grafton Street who had blue pencil lightly smudged under her lower lashes with subtle black eyeliner on top. So lovely and yet so simple!

Moving into more terrifying territory, blue eyeshadow. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Everlasting Navy was my eyeshadow of choice for a night out last week. It's a stunning, deep metallic blue. I blended black shadow through my crease and in the outer corner, with a lighter highlighter in the inner corner. It got the Boyfriend's seal of approval at least! Also, it didn't budge all night.

Inglot, always a great go-to when you're looking for a specific colour have everything from the easy to wear, such as 61 - a soft black shadow with midnight blue glitter which makes for a the perfectly shimmering smoldering eye look although you really need to build it up to get a true black, and 65 somewhat more daring, eye-catching indigo.

Some swatches, because ya'll deserve it:

Essence eye pencil Cool Down, Inglot eyeshadow 65, Inglot eyeshadow 61, Maybelline Colour Tattoo Everlasting Navy, Lancôme Artliner Blue

For anyone still nervous about blue eyeshadow should check out Sharon Farrell's How to Rock Blue Eyeshadow tutorial. You'll be put instantly at ease when you see how simple (and simply beautiful) it is!

Would you dare wear a blue eye look or do you find it difficult to work with?
What other colours would you like to see featured on #ColourWeek


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