Monday, November 11, 2013

Colour Week - Day 3 - This is Pop, Baby

Adding a pop of colour to brighten up the darker days
Well colour week is turning out a bit sporadic, but I'm persevering nonetheless!

I refuse to believe that bright colorus are purely a summer thing. The duller the day, the brighter I wanna make it and these are the products I reach for to do just that!

Bright blush is something I had to be eased into. One of Benefit's newer box blushes, Bella Bamba was my gateway blush as you may call it. It's called a 3D blush; watermelon pink (my personal favourite shade for pink blushes) with shimmering gold undertones. Strong colour to bring focus to your features and Jennifer-Lawrence-esque cheekbone highlighting. You only need the lightest dusting of this beauty. Mine hardly looks used but I've had it over a year and I've been calling on it a lot lately. An investment blush if you will.

Nars New Order was, sniff, my first highlighter - and boy did I go big for my first highlighter. By that I mean the glitter particles are quite big. If you're looking for a way to really make your cheekbones pop, hence its inclusion in this edit, you're on to a winner with this one. It's particularly suited to us cooler tones, which is why it was recommended to me, but warmer tones can also rock it's lavender colour like a pro. Again, steady as she goes with this one.

Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder in Fairy Dust. This was one of those, spotted it, swatched it, bought it products. I told anyone who'd listen about the beautiful new highlighter. It's super fine, champagne, shimmer catches the light just right for a real je-ne-sais-quoi effect on the cheeks. A great product for making your cheekbones, cupid's bow or brow bone pop. If you didn't get your hand on the Chanel Spring/Summer highlighter, this is not a bad alternative.

Of course we can't talk about a pop of colour without mentioning lips, and no brand had impressed me more recently for colour and finish than Rimmel, especially Apocalips in Apocaliptic and Moisture Renew in As You Want Victoria. There' more than one common denominator between these two. You could easily have one over the other or, if you're anything like me, why not have both?! Equally amazing colour from the two, out of this world raspberry red with a hint of magenta. Super-glossy finish that just keeps on going and instant pay off at even the slightest touch. No such thing as just a stain of colour with either of these, it's go big or go home.

How do you add a pop of colour to your routine?
What's your favourite colour for brightening up these dark mornings?


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