Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's the latest on the nail varnish front?

Following on from this post - my lament on my search for the ultimate nail varnish. I have, in fact, come very close.

Check out this baby: 

This gem, aptly named Supernova, comes courtesy of the folks at American Apparel - my pal with her finger very much on the pulse of all things beauty, whom may be found over at Blushful Beauty, told me about it in linking me to a Blog which I have since regretfully forgotten the name of ...

Needless to say I ran to American Apparel and shelled out the 9 - yes 9! - Euro (Although I could have had 3 for 21, and I have had positive experiences with their nail "lacquers") and in my excitement painted it on my nails immediately and ... forgot to take a picture.

But my obsession didn't end there. Not long after I tried to be fashionable and "on-trend" painting my nails a lovely summery coral from Catrice, 030 Meet Me At Coral Island, which turned out a lot more NEON that I had expected (it's not quite as pink as it appears on the site). Enter my fabulous Supernova and the result -

- heaven! :D

I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it. - Marilyn Monroe

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