Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do you comfort shop?

Rimmel Salon Pro Colour Tattoo
Retail Therapy from Rimmel, Maybelline and friends...
I'm stuck in a vicious circle between comfort eating and retail therapy. How do you get through off days?

I comfort eat. I think most people do. 

It got worse as I got older, probably because we live busier and potentially more-stressful lives.

Since leaving college - when we are at our peak of comfort/stress eating and we first form our bad habits, I've been working. Long shifts, bad days and rife temptation would put the best will power to the test. And of will power I have none.

When jeans start feeling too tight or my stomach gives out about me ignoring it's intolerances, I prescribe myself copious amounts of retail therapy. Not so much I ever end up in debt, but tight on cash and feeling like I have an addiction.

Which I do. The vicious circle looks like so:

Not feeling myself - have a snack - have a big meal - have another snack - feel bad about the crap I've eaten - Don't allow myself to buy any more chocolate - but earrings are okay - and leggings - and eyeshadow - and 5 nail varnishes - I only came in here for one thing, it's time to leave before I get out of control - I'm going to eat some cereal to make myself feel better about all the money I've spent...

And then I'm back to where I started. Maybe it's not so much about consumption. Consuming food or being an over-active consumer for a few hours. Maybe it's about the spending. An activity with physical ramifications (ending up broke) that I resort to when I don't know what else to do.

Above is the result of my latest binge. As you can see I overdosed on more shades from Kate Moss's range with Rimmel Salon Pro, but it's okay, I gave 2 of them to my sister (desperate justification, classic addict behaviour). Nail varnish is about the only thing that doesn't show how many crisps you've been eating lately... (now we're in denial, it's a lost cause)

Do you comfort eat?
Prescribed yourself any retail therapy lately?
Or how do you get through your off days?


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