Thursday, March 31, 2011

... in a glass teapot

Maybe I'll start this again. Needing somewhere to dump my thoughts when they get too packed in up there.

Strange changes have been occurring. I'm fluctuating between being broke and having money, loving my job and wishing I was somewhere else, somewhere I could have my own place, but then I could never imagining working with anyone else. There's something to be said about being a bar-maid-person, just wish the customers were nicer.

With college almost over, I'm realizing I don't feel as worried as maybe I should be - that said, I'm probably going to Haber a nervous breakdown tomorrow. At the moment the exams are worrying me, and getting enough photos done for my personal project. I have to get that 3D print done, I keep telling myself I want to do it.

The biggest realization I've had recently is... people might actually be starting to know me and what I like. I'm not a birthday person, but Wifey bought me a glass teapot - someday I'll explain why that was so brilliant! And also the Irregular Choice shoes and London to see the Lion King -well that's obvious why that's awesome!

Run out of steam for now, but I shall return.

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