Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dundrum Blogger in Residence: Round 2 - Must have Accessories for Autumn Winter 2012

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Round 2

Must have Accessories for Autumn Winter 2012

Not in the mood to read? Or want more - check out my video where I talk about the pieces I've picked for my own personal collection of Autumn Winter must-haves
(featuring awesome original music by my super-talented brother)

Let’s face it – fashion is an expensive hobby.  It’s in one day, and the next day it’s out (Heidi Klum
said so, it has to be true) – so keeping up with the trends required both time and money. Not something we’re all blessed with.

The trends this season range far and wide – from gothic black leathers to clashing hyper-colourful patterns. This is the season you can really make your own, and I am head-over-heels in love with the gothic, 90s-revival grunge looks floating around and while I might have a few pieces from over the years - the light, bright colours from Spring/Summer are nowhere to be seen, so I am finding myself lacking some of the real key pieces. 

But don’t worry, years of student-living and minimum wage have taught me a few things – including the art of accessorizing and how the pick accessories that are up-to-date and under-budget.

To me, it is the accessories that really make the outfit in the end, and this season especially the trends are carried by the details, the embellishments, so why go out and invest in a whole new wardrobe when Autumn rolls around, when a few key pieces can update what we already have?

So these are my key pieces, my "Must Have Accessories for Autumn/Winter 2012" – they won’t break the bank and they’re bang on trend -  and what's more they can all be picked up in one shopping trip as everything is available in Dundrum Town Centre. 

Goth Black is in like never before, and black leather is leading the way. Vogue called it the "New Noir" - elegant black leather pieces have been seen on the catwalks of Valentino, Mulberry and Givenchy and the high street has added the extra edge and put studs on EVERYTHING. For me, a great way to incorporate this into everyday-wear is a piece like the studded black leather bow pictured above. I picked this up in Topshop recently - it's both a hair clip and a brooch, so it's great as a hair accessory with a bun or a high ponytail, or it can be pinned to a coat or a bag to instantly update the piece. One key piece like a studded purse or handbag is an easy way to welcome this trend into your wardrobe

As well as studs, skulls are everywhere - if you aren't brave enough to go for a full-on skull print shirt, adorable skull bracelets are available in Topshop and in Claire's Accessories in a variety of colours making them a great addition to any outfit.

Check out my "Goth" board on Pinterest for some goth inspiration and more examples of studded accessories, handbags and skull prints. I think one or two of these pieces and you're set.

Collars Statement collars and decorative collar tips have started popping up everywhere; but instead of having to buy a new range of shirts and blouses just for the collars - why not pick up some detachable collars or decorative colar tips. They come in a range of styles from metallic and beaded to embellished fabric and they can be teamed with almost any outfit for an instant pick-me-up. They're super simple, but I'm a complete convert for collars. Grab a leather studded collar and you've got two trends in one! What's not to love? Check out my "Collar" board on Pinterest and I'm sure you'll agree

Statement necklaces If you only buy one accessory this season - make it count, make a statement and make sure it's a necklace. A great way to jazz up any outfit, a great statement necklace will take you from the office, to dinner and on to the dancefloor. If you really wanted to you could pay anything for a statement necklace, but Topshop, Accessorize and Penneys to name but a few have some amazing pieces that will last you all season and look amazing teamed with anything from a simple shirt to an oversized jumper. On a night out you can let the necklace do the work teaming it with block colours, simple shapes and you're ready to go. Not only that, you can capture any of this season's trends in a necklace from baroque to art-deco to gothic glamour. Super-girly, super-chic and super simple, a statement necklace is a great way to look your best this Autumn, Winter - and, dare I say it, at the Christmas parties (hides behind couch)

Blue Every season has it's colours - and while we know that Black is definitely in, we always need a wildcard colour. For me, this season it's cobalt blue. Just picture how it eye-catching it will be in the winter light! This season I am on the lookout for a pop of blue in the form of an oversized clutch or a purse. Trust me, the deep, strong hues will look amazing against all the black we'll be wearing as well as a being a great complementary colour to the red/purple/burgundy tones making up our neutral pallet this Autumn. As with the statement necklace, one great blue piece will carry a whole outfit in one swift move. Don't believe me? Check out my "Blue" board on Pinterest

Hair doughnut There's still so much more I could go on about, but I'll have to leave you with this. Hair. I've looked this up and an "accessory" is something added to something else to make it (among other things) more attractive. So why not include our hair? And if there's one hair accessory I won't be seen without this season it will be a hair doughnut. Buns are everywhere - sleek ballet buns and messy top-knots, and these little babies make all that possible and more. Not to mention the staying power; wind and rain be damned, our hair will stay in place - and we won't have to spend hours at it either. Once you get the hang of it, throwing your hair up in a bun takes no time at all leaving you time to add hair clips, alice bands - whatever takes your fancy. You can hardly call it an investment seeing as from Boots to Penneys to H&M you're hardly going to pay more than €3 for one, but it will be the best €3 you've spent in a long time. I've got a Pinterest board packed full of top-knot-inspiration that's well worth checking out if I do say so myself

Phew! That's a lot of accessories. If you haven't already, check out my video where I go through some pieces I've picked up myself for this season - and if you have, well, that's all I've got! My Pinterest is full of inspiration for this season and some incredible pieces all available in Dundrum Town Centre, including a more detailed look at the Geometric and Retro trends.

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