Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I'm most looking forward to about Autumn...

The weather this summer, this year more like, has had a strange effect in nearly every corner of the world. Here in rainy ole' Ireland we've had it completely backwards. Farmers are up in arms. Apparently we'll be taking out mortgages to buy bread soon enough.

But the grey skys and gathering winds have not left me wanting for sun - three days in 30+ degrees in New York was all the sun I'll ever want to experience, in fact it just got me excited. Groundskeepers have been remarking that the wet, wet weather has caused many trees to turn early - and that's all I needed. Autumn. I love Autumn. It's the perfect season. I don't do heat very well, I feel suffocated, clammy, fatigued, I live for the days I can wrap up, curl up and and smell the scent of Autumn in the air. Realising just how late in the year it is all of a sudden becomes less of a shock when I think of the things I can look forward to.

I love Autumn...

Not for it to be cold outside, for it to be a little bit chilly
For the mornings to be dusted with just a sprinkling of frost
For how it's spelled A-u-t-u-m-n, even that satisfies me
For the sight of steam rising hot coffee in take-away cups held in gloved hands
For gloves
For scarves
For soft, floppy wooly hats
For brown leather boots
For Golden Hour evenings

For the crunch
For rich colours, for fiery oranges and soft reds
For pumpkins
For Halloween
For root vegetables
For hot Sunday breakfasts
For bright, grey mornings
For piles of leaves
For Autumn-blooming flowers
For regular TV programming

For thigh-high wooly socks, always in grey
For Autumn/Winter collections
For flushed cheeks
Not for Christmas shopping, but starting to think about presents
For romantic fantasies of how Paris, London, New York and Boston look and what it would be like to be there
For long sleeves
For cinnamon cocoa
For cinnamon anything

For the sight of the starts and the sound of the wind as I go asleep...

... These are the things I love Autumn for

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