Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't be left red faced - La Roche-Posay Rosaliac UV

The lighter your skintone the more likely you are to experience some redness, us Irish gals are terrible for it. 

My skin flushes at the slightest thing. Heat, tiredness, alcohol, spicey food - anything. Ever since I was little I have memories of my cheeks getting warm being asked to read something in class, or generally going bright read in almost any situation. In my mind, I feel like my face is always flushed. (Mental tomato face you may say...) For this reason, I wear medium coverage foundation and avoid any blushes that are too pink or red toned. It's almost a fear at this stage, having had it pointed out to me enough times ... yeah, thanks for that by the way

Redness is also a sign of sensitivity - your skin reacting to its environment. So in covering the redness, in an ideal world you'd want to be treating your skin's sensitivity so, hopefully, it's less likely to react.

We all know about opposite colours canceling each other out - so anti-redness products are generally green, and unfortunately they're often quite caky. The problem becomes covering the redness while maintaining the natural look of your skin and avoiding the zombie-look.
La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV
La Roche-Posay Rosaliav UV - yes, it's green but don't be scared!

This is where Rosaliac UV from La Roche-Posay. Experts in sensitive skin, they are my go to brand for any skin complaint at the moment. I know my skin likes their formulas - it just can't get enough of that thermal water, which is a key ingredient in every single one of their products.

Rosaliac UV is a real multi-tasker. To quote: it is a "skin perfecting moisturiser that offsets and neutralises redness in reactive sensitive skin." also provides UV protection, not SPF, but it does help protect against UV damage which weakens blood vessels and aggravates redness and other nasties.

It's hydrating - something my skin is always looking for, and it makes my skin look that bit more normal. Also, I'm told the more I use the more fortified my skin will get stronger and overtime it will be more comfortable. 

Anything that helps my skin face the elements is welcome in my book! And I agree, it does make for a good makeup base. It sinks into the skin but leaves it moisurised. Redness in my skintone is calmed down - blemishes don't disappear, but they become easier to cover.

In conclusion - I'm using the same foundation, the same brush and the same application process - but  I'm using less concealer so take from that what you will.

Have you any experience with skin redness?
How do you tackle it?


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    1. So far I've loved everything I've tried! it's like they were made for me :D

  2. Unfortunately I have skin allergies which literally leave me red-faced. I have to use foundations with good coverage, concealer and anti-histamines :(
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    1. Aw that's a shame :( can you use green-tinted foundation or concealer at all to cover it up??