Thursday, March 21, 2013

Luxe for Less: Dupe for Butter London?

Still on a high, a sugar high, from the Butter London Sweetie Shop launch, I have the pretty pastel colours firmly on my mind. So when I saw a shot of Model's Own lineup for Spring, I did a double take.
Models Own Spring Scented Butter London
Models Own Fruit Pastel  - scented nail polish

Butter London Sweetie Shop 
Okay, they're not identical. Maybe dupe was a strong word - but bare with me! So one has a blue, where another has a nude, and yes the Models Own is scented (confused face) but this season is all about the pastel, pastry, macaroon colours - so embrace the pinks, lilacs, greens and corals - especially the corals, which much softer than the neon orange hues from last year. And I know many of you commented that €12+ was a bit much to pay for a nailvarnish, so maybe colour cravings could be remedied with a bottle of Models Own for a little more than a fiver.

Of course many Spring Summer collections will have similar collections, but the striking resemblance between the two especially from brands from two opposite ends of the price spectrum just caught my imagination the second I saw it.

What I will say is I really don't know how feel about scented nail varnish. As much as I'd like a cheerful yellow colour to brighten up this horrendous weather we're having, a banana scent would most definitely turn me off. That said the more I look at the Strawberry Tart the prettier it gets!

Have you found your pastel polishes for Spring?
Any more "dupes" I should know about?


Post by: Lisa Dunn

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  1. Scented nail polish? Because I've always wanted to sniff fumes. It just seems odd to me. Pretty colours though :-)