Monday, July 1, 2013

Copenhagen Diary

Copenhagen Diary

Holidays to my family means exploring somewhere new. City breaks are how we roll. This year, we took 4 days in the Copenhagen, capital of Denmark and world capital of stunning cheekbones, bicycles and sandwiches. No really, sandwiches.

Denmark open air museumDenmark open air museum
Because windmills are a thing... Ever been to an open air museum? They rebuild and relocated houses from around the world and restored them ready to explore. Too cute.
Copenhagen Hygge

Danish cafes and restaurants are incredibly cute. There's a tradition of creating cosy, friendly atmospheres in Denmark. It's known in Danish culture as Hygge - relaxing with close friends, lighting some candles and enjoying food. There are candles everywhere. On tables, in windows, in the bathrooms. I'd say they don't half go through tea lights in Copenhagen. It's heaven, as far as I'm concerned.

Little Mermaid Copenhagen

Hans Christian Anderson, Danish poet and author, famously wrote The Little Mermaid as part of a collection of fairy tales. She looks lonely here, but she's constantly surrounded by tourists with canal tours passing close by every few minutes. Popular lady this one.

Danish military

Buckingham Palace aren't the only ones who have a changing of the guard. Side note - the Danes have themselves some attractive military men.

Brunch in Denmark

Brunch in Amadeus. Speaks for itself.

Copenhagen Zoo - one of the largest collection of animals in Europe. Said animals make adorable faces.

Copenhagen round tower

Copenhagen round tower

Copenhagen round tower

Copenhagen round tower

My sister, who pretty much organised the whole trip told us we were going to climb a round tower to the observatory deck. Some sort of genius was on my wavelength when he thought - spiral stairs are the devil, let's walk up an incline instead. Helluva lot easier! So long vertigo

Copenhagen round tower

10 minutes climbing this ...

Copenhagen skyline

For views like this. I think it's a fair trade! You could see over the whole city and out to sea to the Oresund Bridge - the bridge that connects Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden. Although if you had seen the Eurovision this year I wouldn't need to tell you that.

Danish design apartment

And can we just have a moment of appreciation for the gorgeous apartment we stayed in - we rented through Air BnB. A stunning mix of antique furniture, art and of course Ikea. And candles, so many candles.

Danish design tables

And I'm in love with these side tables. They nearly came home with me.

Have you taken any city breaks recently?


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