Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get Your Glow On - Everyday Dewy Foundation

I am a girl obsessed with many things. To name but a few, they would be things like bushy brows, ashy blonde hair, Irish wolfhounds and dewy foundation.

My go-to for a long time was YSL Touché Eclat foundation but I generally keep that for special occasions. So I've been on the lookout for an every day, drugstore alternative.
The first, Rimmel Match Perfection foundation I've written about before. I still love it. My sister loves it. It's the palest I've ever found outside of higher end. The name says it all - Match. Perfection. The finish is skin-like; not too shimmery or matt but radiant. Definitely radiant. Also it's €9.95, what's not to love? Great value especially when you're wearing it nearly every day. It makes me realise just how pale I am, which is very, so once applied I make sure to bring some life back into my complexion with blush and contouring.

I first picked up Maybelline Fit Me Foundation because Tara Power mentioned something about it reminding her of Chanel Vitalumiere. Instant. Impulse. Buy. Having never tried the Chanel I can't compare, but applying the Fit Me foundation I could see a lot of similarities in how people had described it. The shade range was a pleasant surprise, with the appearance that there was more focus on those "in between shades" - numbers ending in 5 are cooler, ending in 0 are warmer/yellow toned. 115 is the lightest I found. It's a thin formula that delivers a light-medium coverage, melting and blending to a skin-like finish you almost don't notice it. It's not super long lasting, but a bit of primer and setting powder and you'll get most of the day out of it. This is my fail-safe, no matter what occasion, what my mood, it's always a good choice.

One day, while hanging out with Avril from Blushful Beauty, I couldn't resist asking her what foundation she was wearing because her skin was positively glowing. As it turns out it was Bourjois Happy Light foundation. Having never got around to trying the much-acclaimed Health Mix (because every shade was just so darn yellow looking) I was delighted to find Vanilla Rose among the Happy Light Mix. This is dewiest of all three foundations, going beyond radiance to being luminous and there is a great light to this foundation (hence the name). It definitely needs some working in to the skin, and I've found it clinging to dry patches in strange white clumps when I use the wrong application technique. I've found very lightly stippling or buffing (again, very lightly) delivers the perfect, flawless, glow.

Often all my hard work applying foundation is undone by the fact I rarely, if ever, set it with power. Now, before you revoke my beauty card, let me explain. With my dry skin, very often powders dry out my skin and often undo all my moisturising. Also, I never want to mattify my dewy base. But knowing I needed to get over my powder-phobia I decided to venture into illuminating powders. Finely milled, powders like Bourjois Java Rice powder and the Inglot HD Illuminising Loose Powder give wonderfully radiant finishes while still setting the make-up underneath. It's hard to describe what these powders do for your skin, but it is as if they've got the HD-treatment. And they last and last and last, so naturally I'm beyond happy.

What's your every day foundation look?
Are you too on the hunt for the perfect flawless finish?


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