Monday, January 27, 2014

January Detox - Hair Edition

There came a point in January when I felt rubbish. Generally rubbish from head to toe. Granted a lot of that was to do with the over-indulgence on foods my stomach repeatedly reminds me I hate. But it wasn't just that, like I said, from head to toe I felt rubbish. Hair included.

It didn't sit right, it wouldn't style right, it never felt right. It was dull, not matter how or when I washed it, it felt as though it never stayed clean.

I had been chopping and changing shampoos for a while, none being particularly likable. My hair needed a detox.

There are plenty of clarifying shampoos, Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo or Boots Expert Build Up Removal shampoo (which Avril of Blushful Beauty swears by) so I went to Boots on my lunch break in search of my own.

This pair drew my eye because together they were everything I needed (and there was a special on Tresemme that day) . My roots needed a thorough cleanse and my ends needed some lovin' too. I like to think of this combo as just what you're looking for when you go to look for a decent shampoo and conditioner.

First up we've got TRESemme Vitamin C Deep Cleansing ShampooLike all Tresemmé shampoos I've tried this lathers like a dream. I have to have bubbly shampoo. Although it's decidedly lighter than their richer "salon" shampoos. It rinses clean, no residue or smell and it didn't take long at all for my hair to feel lighter, refreshed and generally happier.

Next we've got TRESemme Pro-Vitamin Aloe Remoisturising Conditioner. This conditioner too does the trick. Moisturising without being too thick. No smell or silicone feel, like, for example, Aussie shampoos.

I'm about half way through the two, and while I could finish them I may stash them and have a rotation of blonde/brightening shampoos and these in case of a product-build-up emergency or when I'm in need of a good clean, well, clean.

Have you tried any clarifying or detox shampoos?
Or have you done any other detoxes this month?


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