Sunday, March 16, 2014

Scents & Sensuality - Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge

This review wrote itself within 24hours of owning this perfume.

Instantly, I loved it. Although, as a complete perfume obsessive - I'm can be equally easily pleased and critically cynical. But the delicate, citrus-y florals of Gingembre Rouge was right up my ally.

But my morning spritz was not the moment that won it for this scrumptious scent, it was what happened that evening.
The inspiration behind Gingembre Rouge (don't ask me how to pronounce it, and I did French in school) was Zanzibar. Refreshing, spicy, colourful and bright.

The fragrance is based around the flower of the ginger plant - at first sniff the rich texture of warm spices and orange blossoms draws you in. It then melts into earthy almond and lily notes and lingers afterwards; peppery and feminine with hints of cedar wood and the overall theme of the crystallised ginger.

Florals have been the dominant scent for years. Jasmine and fig for deeper, more sophisticated notes and the more citrusy fragrances for the lighter, fresher spritzes. As someone who loves florals, I was bound to love this. I love the duskier, older scents, but the lighter, flowery re-imagined perfumes tickle my fancy just as much. This is the kind of signature scent that delicately wafts beautifully around you throughout the day, or captures a sensual atmosphere of girly glamour in the evenings.

Yes, I sound like a mad woman. Let me break it down for you. Personal opinions aside, the first vote of confidence for Gingembre Rouge was when my sister, a girl of uncomplicated tastes, took a whiff and made the same face I make when Chris Hemsworth appears on screen. She liked it, really liked it.

What won it for this pretty pink bottle, however, was when, freshly-misted in Gingembre, I popped down to the pub to catch up some friends. Upon greeting one of the guys with the customary hello hug, the first thing he said was "Whatever perfume you're wearing, it's really nice."

Guy friend approval is the seal of approval that many of our convoluted girly things rarely get. It's not like they're our Boyfriends, who have to like our things or fear our wrath, guy friend approval is hard won - but Gingembre Rouge got it in one.

You can pick up Gingembre Rouge from your Roger & Gallet counter, with the handbag-optimised 30ml starting at only €17.50. Get it and you won't regret it.

What are your favourite perfumes?
Do you read as much into it as I do?


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