Friday, March 14, 2014

Red Lip Re-Do - Nars Satin Lip Pencil Hyde Park

My love for red lipstick knows no bounds. It's like red nail varnish, it goes with anything and everything.

The trouble is, however, it's usually only under the cover of night time do I break out a red lip, being far to shy to sport one in the office.

So when the craze behind the Nars Lip Pencils began I told myself I could have one, but only if it was a wearable colour. And so, here it is - Hyde Park.

I approached the counter completely unprepared. Well, that's a lie - I knew I wanted to steer clear of my usual pillar-box or vampy reds in favour of something a little more brown-ish and toned down (think MAC Brick-ola, a wonderful daytime red).

Now, up until now, anyone and everyone had been talking about the Velvet Matt pencils, particularly the shades Cruella and Dragonfly but to my eyes' delight, I spied the other half of the range - the Satin pencils.

Not quite glossy, but not matt either - satin is my favourite finish for any cosmetic. For foundation, it's dewy yet skin-like, and on lips it's a natural sheen without the unnatural shine. The MUA, a fellow fair-skined, fair-haired lass, listened to my ramble about having a drawer-full of red lipsticks that only come out at night.

Her first port of call was Hyde Park - a not-too-red-slightly-plumb-toned-red. Red enough to be a red lip, but subtle enough for a "Oh I just threw stuff on my face this morning" make up look (my signature, if you will). The consistency is just how the matt pencils have been described. Packed with pigment, glide on, long-wearing, non-drying and easily worn all day every day.

Also, between the remnants of a gift voucher and some saved up BT points, I walked away with this beauty without having to pay a penny towards the €25 asking price. Although, for such a lovely product, I really wouldn't have minded at all!

And look - here's a picture of my face wearing it! (You don't have to look if you don't want to)

Have you tried any of the Nars lip pencils?
What's your go-to daytime lip colour?


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