Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Face It - My Favourite Face Masks

Show me a girl who doesn't love an at-home pamper session with a face mask and an optional (read: necessary) glass of wine, and I'll show you my best "I Don't Beliee-eeve it" impression.

As much as I'd love to book myself in for facials every other week, it's just not practical. Instead the bathroom cupboard has become a breeding ground for face masks, a collection which has grown even after I snapped the shot above not 2 weeks ago.

The way I look at it, a face mask is going to be doing one of two things. Drawing something out or putting something back in. At least that's what I go for. No tightening or firming action needed here (yet) ...

My skin can be very dehydrated at times so I love a face mask that brings with it some much-needed hydration. That's where Nars Aqua Gel Luminous Mask comes in. I've written about this little beaury before but my love still beats strong. The makeup artist who recommended it with me said she particular gives it to brides the night before for a bright dewy complexion the next day.

Similarly, if my skin is in need of some rescuing, La Roche Posay's Hydraphase Intense Masque is my knight in shining armour. I love the Hydraphase range, in fact I'm still pining for the hydraphase serum which stole my heart all those years ago which I'm waiting to repurchase. If my skin is ever in need of a tall drink of water (such as after a hangover for example) I go in for an overnight session with this bad boy. I keep it to overnight usage as, being quite rich, it's a bit greasy to try and clean off before makeup application.

On the other hand, because the universe likes to torment me, my skin can also be very congested (ever wonder why I've next to no pictures of myself here?). I've loved clay masks, particularly this clay mask, for a while. This is my second tube of Boots Ionic Clay Mask. Admittedly it's from the "shine away" range which I can't buy anything else from, but I've never had any problems.

Usually, skin prone to redness should avoid clay masks or charcoal as they can be a bit irritating. But I've found this mask nice and gentle and so have only nice things to report. Containing willow bark, the natural source of salicylic acid - it's very good at breaking down blemishes at their core and helping draw all the nasties out. And at only a tenner, it's a steal compared to higher end clay faces.

In searching for something similar to a clay mask, I came across the Soap And Glory No Clogs Allowed and was drawn in by its promises of deep cleaning and skin smoothing. Being self-heating, which feels really weird, I use this less often so as not to annoy my skin. The post-pamper-pumice-polish is nice, because it helps dislodge the nasties that have been brought to the surface. Be warned though, those with sensitive skin should tread lightly as it may prove to be a bit harsh, it's tailored more for acne-prone, oily skin. Also it changes colour ... it's mad all together.

The final mask is another Boots budget buy, and teenage favourite, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Mask. This is one of those plastic, second skin masks that forms one of those creepy peel-off layers on your mug when it dries. I have to say it's unnaturally fun to peel off and quite refreshing without being too harsh which a lot of intensive blemishes-banishing products can be.

Like I said at the beginning, a new mask has swooped in and stolen my heart but I'll wait until we get more acquainted before introducing it to everyone.

Have you got a favourite face mask?
What is it you look for when you buy one?


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