Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wax On - Hair Off. Waxperts Win Me Over

Let's be honest, or I will at least - if I was single I probably wouldn't even bother shaving my legs. There, I said it. Being a blondie, my hair is very, very fair so you'd be hard pushed to spot any fuzz unless you got up close and personal (giggidy) so I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to this side of the beauty world.

As well as almost invisible body hair, I'm also plagued with Keratosis Pilaris all over my legs (and it's spreading, good times), so if I was ever to wear a skirt it's always accompanied by thick, black tights.

But this year I've banished the insecurities of my early 20s and I'm embracing womanhood with a plan I'm calling "Operation Love My Legs". Join me, won't you?

Shaving has never been my friend. Sporting red bumps and lumps most of the time anyway, achieving that smooth flawless finish was near impossible. The best result I had was with hair removal cream (Boots finest own brand) but again ... that takes patience and my attention span is desperate.

Then, the offer came to try Waxperts. The brainchild of Ellen - who I had been following on Twitter for a  long time for some strong female empowerment inspiration, they were kind enough to offer me some waxing treatments of my choice to give the product a whirl.

My waxer was Aoife, in Waxperts Dun Laoghaire salon, who coincidently is nominated for Best Waxer by Image magazine (good luck Aoife!). My waxing experience to date had been a few brow waxes and a pathetic attempt at at-home wax strips. Not quite a novice, but hardly a seasoned pro.

Now, can we just talk about for a moment that fact the wax is purple?! Purple!  Like, Willy Wonka purple, is all I kept thinking to myself. As shallow as it seems I was already won over by that alone. Everything is purple from the wax itself to the oil they use to prep the skin. This comes from the lavender which is a key ingredient in the range. 10 points for pleasant aromas right there.

Aoife started with my brows, applying their specialised oil before and throughout the treatment. This helps create a barrier to protect the skin so you're not taking a layer off with the hair, it also helps keep the pain level of the treatment as low as possible.  I've never found waxing my eyebrows to be particularly painful, but this time it was even less so. I'd say it would be perfect for a first-timer or anyone a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Next we (because I was to totally involved and not just lying there talking about holidays, ahem) moved onto the underarms. This I was a bit nervous about because I've only ever shaved them, but I need not have been as. No squealing or flinching in sight. What's also excellent, is while I would usually have to shave at least twice a week, it's been over a week and a bit now and we're still looking smooth under there. Needless to say my razor is feeling very neglected.

Lastly it was time for the legs. For this, Aoife used the strips we all know and love with the hot wax. Throughout, she was vigilant in only ever using a wooden-stick-spatula once, never double-dipping. I remarked they must go through thousands of them, but it's a small price to pay to make sure there no risk of any nasties getting spread around. Ew.

Waxperts wax is developed to having a lower melting temperature than most hot waxes. If anything it's not a hot wax at all, it's a pleasantly warm wax. Which was perfect considering it was positively Baltic outside that day. Neither on my brows, under my arms or anywhere on my legs did I get any of that post-wax tingle. Even my brows, which will take any excuse to flush red were considerably calmer than usual.

I swanned out of the salon feeling soft and smooth and floated towards the coffee shop to regale Mum of my experience and how much I love waxing all of a sudden! I'm insisting she try it some time, and it might just be working. I'd recommend everyone try it really if you're even the slightest bit curious.

And what of the now-famous Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads, now known as the multitasking Wonder Pads, I hear you ask? I, of course, couldn't leave the salon without a pot. Waxperts propose you set yourself a 40 Day Challenge to see how you get on with with, so I'll report back when I hit the 40 day mark - SPOILER ALERT: I'm 4 days in and already in love!

Have you ever had a wax before?
Would you recommend it?


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