Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Bloggers' Bags: The Zara Office City & Mini

The preface this ramble with a disclaimer - I hate buying bags. I look at other people with beautiful bags, admire them, but I can never own them. Purely because I never shop for them.

You can't properly shop online because you have to see what it's like on - who's with me on trying on bags in the shop? Try shop in store and it's frustrating for no logical reason except it's annoying. So I'm cursed, basically.

Until Zara happened.

Both of these bags came into my life as a result of bloggers. The first, and largest, Zara Office City, or City Shopper I've seen it called, took the blogosphere by storm, due largely in part to its uncanny resemblance to a certain Prada beauty. Both Lily Pebbles and Vivianna had it, it was neat, big, chic and I had an interview coming up so I justified the purchase to myself, dived right in and never looked back.

Sold out everywhere, understandably, I spied this one on Adverts. Brand new, tags still attached, a tenner less than the RRP of €60. Sold. 

We had, and still have, a long and happy life together. Any complaints? Well, no marriage is perfect. Yes it's large and you'll loose many a lipstick in there, but you won't fit as much in as you may think. It's big, but it's structured, so there's not all that much give for stuffing in a coat or a laptop. That said, I've managed to fit quite a bit in there and looked hella cool while doing it.

The next addition to the line up came in the last few weeks. When I laid my eyes on Chloe's (NurseFancyPants) newest purchase something inside me thought "I have to have it". Not a day later I bumped into Chloe and said bag at an event and that sealed the deal. It was straight to Zara to nab the very last one. Also available in black and a very cute navy, the Office Mini is basically a baby City Shopper with a hint of Rebecca Minkoff (or at least that's what I'm telling myself)

Its smaller size keeps me from carrying around too much - which my dodgey shoulder is thankful of, and it's a nice change from the black bags I'm usually carrying. The snap-fastening sides do worry me slightly from a security point of view, but anything of value goes into the centre, zipped, pocket. At €40, I'm not sure if that was a steal or a rip off. Considering it's only 20 less than it's much grander city-slickin' cousin, but I'll forgive it for being adorable. This time.

Are you as ridiculous as I am when it comes to bag shopping?
What do you think of Zara's high street offerings compared to the designer?


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