Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best of Beauty 'Hair Heros'

The fantastic response to week 1 of the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge, which was Skin Care Saviours, has made me even more excited to be cracking on with week 2.

From skin to hair, and our favourite products or tricks for hair. Mine is very new to my regime, but seeing as my hair care regime doesn't usually stray much further than the odd bit of hairspray, this is as good as we're gonna get!

I spoke about my recent hair issues and follicle detox in only a little while ago, in case you happened to miss it.

Meanwhile, on a recent visit to Sugar Cubed, my go-to salon, I mentioned to my stylist, Amanda, that my hair often (read: always) goes fluffy when I dry it. Usually it's the next day before I start liking my hair again by which time I have to think about washing it again. Effort.

Never fear, Amanda said (well, not really) for hair serum is here. As she began to dry my hair she applied this serum, GKHair Hair Taming System, and recommended it for taming pesky flyaways.

Applied to damp or dry hair, the serum is largely based on keratin - the protein found in hair and nails that's used in relaxing treatments and 16-week blowdries. It also contains Argan oil, extremely nourishing for hair and smells fantastic. Already, I was intrigued.

Otherwise the ingredients are some silicon-based fluids, a light perfum and a dash of colour. That's all. Nothing too strenuous or unnecessary. It's not heavy on the hair, doesn't make it look greasy and doesn't leave me with that catwalk wet-look either.

One pump through damp hair and maybe half a pump through any unruly ends when it's dry and I'm laughing. I've also taken to applying a little before bed and twisting my hair into loose buns for soft, frizz-free waves in the morning.

It cost a little over €25 in the salon, but I was assured I would get great value from it seeing as not much is needed for each use - and I can already see that they were right. I also like the feeling of having a slightly more professional finish to my hair seeing as I know it's a product stylists use themselves.

What are you favourite hair care products?
Have you been following the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge?


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