Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Look At That Glow Go - Inglot Multicolour Highlighter

This dewy, radiant,  glowy finish thing is totally my scene. When matt finishes were all the rage I was so completely lost. It just didn't seem natural.

Now, however, everything is different and no powder comes within 2feet of my face unless is shimmery, sparkly and distractingly shiny.

Like most make up freaks, politically correct term, I'm amassing quite the collection of highlighters. The collection, equal parts creams and powders, generally leans towards pinkish-golden tones - not so much bronze as it's the polar opposite to my colouring and nothing too much on the silvery side because I feel it looks too cold. I guess you could say that champagne is the colour of the day when it comes to my hightlighting preferences.

Of course when my beloved limited edition Chanel joined the ranks I thought my life was complete. That I couldn't love another highlighter any more and that was  it, I could stop searching - how many times have we said that to ourselves?!

Then Christmas happened and this Inglot beauty blindsided me. One of their Multicolour System Highlighting Powders in 83. A very generous gift from one of my school pals in our annual Kris Kindle, it's exactly what I would have picked for myself.

The powder is very fine, meaming there's no lumps of glitter to give away your glowy secret, the pigments are described as "satin pearls" which pretty much hits the nail on the head. The colours are just subtle enough to bring warmth without having to add any more colour (as someone with permanently flushing cheeks I don't need any more pink thank you very much).

Sometimes the upper most, white colour is singled out as a brow bone or cupids bow highlight. Moreover, a big fluffy brush takes a whirl around the entire spectrum for a sweep of satiny, shimmering loveliness over the tops of the cheeks. And yes, it's the spitting image of a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, extra bonus.

You can pick this beauty up from your local Inglot counter or store today.

Have you got a favourite highlighter?
Do prefer one colour or a variety?


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