Saturday, September 29, 2012

How about that Harvey Nichols show, eh?

Wednesday night saw me walking through Dundrum in heels - and no, I wasn't on my way home from a night in Winters. In fact, Harvey Nichols had tempted me away from my usual plans (pyjama bottoms and repeats of Nothing to Declare) with the promise of sparkly drinks and even sparklier dresses!

The Harvey Nichols catwalk shows are infamous all on their own. Before you're even interested in the clothes - you're wondering where the show is going to be! Laura O'Brien, Press and Marketing Manager for Harvey Nichols was telling me they try to put it on somewhere different every year, keeping it interesting, last year they held it in the car park! And here's the fun part - they don't tell you where it's going to be.

And the suspense builds!

We showed up, drank coconut water (look out Rihanna) and champaign and sampled healthy chocolate (there is such a thing, apparently) and listened to a crooner do his thing while keeping a eye out for a secret entrance to appear.

We were lead out a service entrance, into the underground car park and guided into The Mill Theatre where we were transported into a dark, shadowy autumnal scene. Alfred Hitchcock was the theme of the night, and it was just perfect. Crows hung from the lights and in cages casting ominous shadows and letting us now that this was not going to be some bright, extravagant affair.

First look
Fur coat by Pinko
Dark, sultry and classically sexy the show opened with it's first scene - "The Birds", featuring stunning headpieces by Edel Ramberg; dark, dramatic and deadly the show pulled you in from the first beat.

Reincarnated femme fatals strutted the run way in chic, dramatic pieces - that were, at the same time, completely wearable by us normal folk. Each scene was named for Hitchcock's films "Marnie", "Vertigo", "Dial for Murder", "Psycho", "Rear Window" and "To Catch a Thief".

Alexander McQueen's iconic scull print scarf could be found numerous times, in every scene. Also Jeffery Campbells renowned Lita platform ankle boots and death-defying Nightwalkers took centre stage during "Vertigo."
Jeffery Campbell Nightwalkers

Vivienne Westwood featured heavily throughout the show - the signature draping perfect for the effortless, classic beauty each of the looks captured. Splashes and pops of bright, bold red in bags, scarves and gloves reminded me of the blood and sinister undertone of Hitchcock's films.

The final scene, To Catch A Thief, was the show-stopping gown collection. And WHAT a finale. English designer Amanda Wakeley stole the show with scarlet red silk and chiffon effortlessly gliding down the catwalk. And of course THAT Jovani gown reappeared, as seen in the Dundrum Fall for Fashion show, to close the show.

Amanda Wakeley
Image: Ian Maxwell Hall for DTC

I could go on for days! But rather than bombard you with film-student-meets-fashionista jargon so I'll simplify and recap my trend highlights and leave you to browse more of the show on my Pinterest or on the Dundrum Facebook.

Trend highlights, my must haves:

Lavish layers - mix textures, fabrics, coats, cardigans, scarves, draping and layering are your friends this season.
Fur - coats, trims, scarves, gillets - great for layering and warm too!
Heritage - not so much English country, but mix tweed with wool, cotton and, of course, fur and it's chic and classic all at once.
Oversize - draped dresses, oversized overcoats, bowling bags. It's go big or go home this winter.
Leather - anything and everything. Knee-high boots, driving gloves, coats, satchels. Bring edge to any outfit.

Vivienne Westwood
(also my favourite model from the night)

A special thanks has to go to my good friend Niamh for coming along as my Plus One and getting just as excited as I did when a Vivienne Westwood piece emerged from the wings. Alway good to know you have someone to call for a date to something like a fashion event - or anything with champagne for that matter!

Harvey Nichols put on an impressive 3 SHOWS in just under 4 hours. Quite a feat, but what an achievement. They even tempted us with 15% and teasingly placed the show pieces near the door for us to dote on.

I was on such a high I bought myself YSL Touche Eclat foundation - which I can review if anyone is interested, it's a really special product.

But for now, I'll leave all your lovely faces with some eye/arm candy. Enjoy!

What's not to love about a man in a Saville Row suit
Image: Ian Maxwell Hall for DTC

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