Monday, September 24, 2012

What to wear? - to a tea party

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

It's a balmy, autumnal afternoon. In the middle of the forest, on a carpet of gold and mahogany leaves, a dining table stands - complete with table cloth, tea cups, plates of sugary cakes and so many lace napkins. 

It's Teddy Bear's picnic meets Alice in Wonderland - a fairy tale. The invitation arrived in a baby blue envelope, scented, embossed paper with silver ink - but here's the question, what do you wear?

Enter the world's most adorable dress, as spotted in House of Fraser in Dundrum Town Centre this weekend. This beautiful TELAGO lace-embroidered dress by
 Ted Baker stopped me dead in my tracks as I was browsing DundrumTC - as is my usual weekend tradition.

Taken with Instagram

I'm currently racking my brain for an excuse to shell out for this beauty, but at least for today I have some daydreaming material.

I just thought I'd share the love on this wintery morning :)


Stay tuned for my report on the Harvey Nichols Autumn/Winter Fashion Show this Wednesday! 
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