Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bargain Alert! Nima Brushes 20% Off

You'll thank me for this. 

NIMA brush are a newly launched (since October) Irish brush company from Dublin make-up artist Niamh Martin. Many an Irish blogger are falling hard and fast in love with these, the brightest brushes in Ireland.
Now, I could go on and on about how lovely these brushes are, and I fully intend to, but I'll keep this short as I have some very exciting news to get to.

Let me begin by saying, Niamh really knows what she's doing - she knows the brushes that are out there at the moment and what's missing. Her blending brush, for example, is similar to the infamous MAC 217, but it's that little bit longer, meaning it's easier to use and creates softer lines. The brushes are a mixture of synthetic and (ethically sourced) natural hair - they're also incredibly pretty! 

The Essentials kit are sunshine yellow, the Professional brilliant white - and more colours including teal, purple and (coming soon) rose gold ferrules among them! I'm almost giddy with excitement (I told you I needed to get out more)

On the NIMA Brush website there's a wealth of information about choosing and using brushes and vital information about washing them properly. And keep an eye out for the very exciting make-up removal revolution in the next coming days - but for NOW:

EVERYTHING on the website is 20% off for today.

The brushes are amazing value as it stands, but everyone loves a bargain, right? And this offer makes them an out-and-out steal. So if were ever in doubt about what to buy for Christmas or felt you needed a treat yourself - your prayers have been answered!

So, what are you still doing here?!