Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Days of Skincare - Day 6 - If it ain't broke ...

You skin has been acting up, you happen upon a product that finally seems to make a difference. All is well and happy and shiny. Then why, oh why would you stop using it?!

We've all been there, you get caught up in a special offer, you read a review somewhere or some shiny packaging catches your eye and your old reliable gets left by the wayside. This happened to me with Nivea Soft

My sister was the one who started using this first. She was reading Sinead Cady's skincare routine. As sisters do, I stole a little bit - and really liked it. It sank in and kept my skin soft. It was nice and light and worked well under make-up - all the things the review said it would. You can use it everywhere. It's a little greasy for a hand cream, but not the worst and it's lovely after a bath or shower for making your skin super soft. It doesn't have an SPF, so a primer or foundation with an SPF is needed on top of this - but that's not difficult. Nivea has always been a brand that has popped up in my life every now and then. If it's the classic cold cream in the iconic navy packaging or a lip balm. It's a classic and, for me, it works.

At this moment in time I can't find my tube. I may pick up the pot next time, as to the best of my knowledge it's slightly better value. Why did I try to fix that which wasn't broken? I simply don't know. Not that I don't love the mousturisers I have now, but there are days where I find myself looking for it.

Moral of the story:
When you find a product you love, don't let it go.

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