Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chloe boot love

Chloe boot love

While I will always love biker boots in some shape or form, the quirky western ankle boot has been catching my eye on more than one occasion recently. I casually checked Net-A-Porter to see just how much the iconic Chloe boots were and almost choked on my coffee when I saw the €900+ price tag.

Thankfully if there's one thing the high street does well it's imitation. It is the greatest form of flattery after all. Even Jeffery Campbell and Steve Madden have their own, equally as stunning, versions. Personally, the boots have to black or red - and with gold, has to be gold studding. (Although the daydreamer in me think's a copper/bronze version would be stunning .. but alas no such thing seems to exist)

So considering I won't be paid again until Christmas Eve-Eve (I can't be the only person who says that, right?) the majority of my current paycheque is going on Christmas presents for other people, I may treat myself to pair of one of these boots on my way home from working Christmas Eve ...

Which pair of Chloe-inspired boots are your favourite?


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