Monday, November 19, 2012

Windy weekend

I spent a majority of my weekend on hills of some sort.
Saturday saw me at the DSPCA at Puppy Obedience classes - which is again up the mountains.

Sunday was my granny's anniversary mass. The only, and I stress only, time I will go mass. There's usually two masses, one in Dublin and one in Wexford and so on Sunday the family converged on the tiny church - which is again, up the side of a hill.

Views from in front of the church and the graveyard. It's not very clear, but you can see the sea.

The land on the hill has shifted over time. The older headstones are sitting at some funny angles.
My sister and I wanted to bring flowers for the grave so I picked up the large pink cyclamen which turned out to be very fitting as there was already a miniature plant - and it fairs very well outside in the winter. Was quite the hit with everyone.

My grandad's house is relatively untouched. From the sandstone fireplace, the bedrooms...

"Storm in a teacup" cheesecake dessert. Kitchen. 

Kitchen - not the vintage radio on the modern radio. Bed. Nearly 12 years later it still upsets me to see it like this ...

So that was my weekend. Lovely to see so much family - but moreover it was bittersweet considering we weren't all there.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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