Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You know you have a weird boyfriend when ...

... you wake up with this song in your head

Let me explain - I haven't even seen this film recently. But the very fact I've seen it at all is down to him. This is the 1999 re-make of Annie. It stars Kathy Bates - who plays a very different Ms. Hannigan, but you have to love how she does it.

Fun fact - the soloist in the above number is Andrea McArdle who played Annie in the original Broadway production. How do I know this? Boyfriend tells me every time it comes on.

Made only 17 years after the film we would all be familiar with, it's amazing to see the difference in production quality between the two films - but that the film student in me talking. Boyfriend likes watching it because he likes musicals. No, he loves musicals.

Yep. My boyfriend loves musicals ...

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