Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cold Sore Crisis Management

When I first got a cold sore, I freaked out. I had no idea what it was. Yes, I was that dramatic.

Cold sores are a very new demon of mine and everyone gets them differently. I get them in the middle of my top lip, and they tend to get very swollen. They generally only appear if I'm run down and each time I'm unprepared because they're just not something I, or any of my family, are used to dealing with.

A few weeks ago I caught a cold and a cold sore to match. As per usual I was completely unprepared. There was nothing in the house, and I was waiting to get paid so a run to chemist was out of the question. I text Avril (of Blushful Beauty) and she had some great advice. Picking up the cheapest cold sore treatment, getting some vaseline to help it heal and if I was stuck, put a drop of perfume on it to dry it out.

Then I started thinking about it. A cold sore is a virus. There's nothing that can kill a virus. What good is a cold sore treatment when I've woken up with a fully formed and very angry cold core? When I got my first cold sore, I found relief in Aloe Vera Vaseline - the only time I use Vaseline. The Aloe Vera really helped heal it.

Then I remembered what I read when I was looking at the properties of lemon oil and juice - one of them being the fact it was an anti-viral. It won't kill a virus, but it will keep it from spreading. Also tea tree oil is well known for being anti-bacterial. So I set out about creating my own cold sore home remedy.

cold sore home remedy
Key Ingredients

Now this is in no way scientific, and probably completely unoriginal. But this is what I came up with. 

- Apply lemon juice at night - it tingles so much it almost hurts, but it settles down. This helps kill bacteria and stop the virus from spreading. Then I apply a drop of tea tree oil - this is all done with a cotton bud just to be ultra-hygienic and what not.

- Repeat this in the morning at put on Vaseline throughout the day to keep it hydrated and help it heal.

- Ice it to bring down the swelling. It only takes about 20 minutes and I found the swelling didn't come back. This made it a lot more comfortable.

- I also made sure to take plenty of Vitamin C and a supplement called Lysine The Wikipedia page says this helps in the production of anti-bodies and it's very helpful in the treatment of things like cold sores and mouth ulcers. My mum picked up the bottle the first time I got a cold sore. I take this as long as I have the it and I can be sure it's all cleared up.

I found my home-made remedy worked really quickly. By the fourth day I was fulling in recovery mode, just clearing up the damage done to my lips rather than having to fight the virus.

The only problem with this "remedy" is the Vaseline. I had a week of dry, cracking lips after I stopped using it. To help the recovery I called on my dry lip superheros you've met before. I threw out the Vaseline as soon as it was cleared up so I don't end up spreading the nastiness. Oh and I religiously disinfected my hands. Admittedly I turned into somewhat of a crazy person, but it worked and it didn't cost me a penny. They were all things I had in the house so a cold sore emergency is no longer that much of a crisis.

Do you feel my cold sore pain?
Do you have any home remedies?


Post by: Lisa Dunn