Thursday, September 26, 2013

CC Lipstick? Yes, Armani have made it a thing

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy lipstick
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy 'CC' lipstick
BB is a thing. This we know.
We were just about wrapping our heads around CC, until it started popping up in some unusual places.

Lipstick being one of them ... yes, lipstick

Giorgio Armani is one of those brands that screams luxury, finery and other words that mean I shouldn't be near the counter until I win the lottery.

So any normal person would assume that when I came face-to-face with the latest Giorgio Armani cosmetics for Autumn/Winter '13 I would be all over it, but what am I obsessed with instead? Two letters. Actually one letter ... twice ... CC

Traditionally, CC was the complexion correction to the BB's blemish balm. But for the most part CC has been taken to mean what ever it needs to mean at the time.

In the case of Giogio Armani Rouge Ecstasy it's about care and colour - high-impact colour in a balmy, moisturising formula.

Care comes in the form of Armani's Melting Cream Complex which let me tell you is seriously soft! Speaking as someone with the world's most finicky, flakey lips believe me when I say it's moisturising. Balmy is definitely the word for it. I just keep saying it ... baaaallllmy

Colour is where these lipsticks really come into their own, with Armani claiming that you won't need a lip pencil with these lipsticks as they won't go wandering.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy lipstick
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy lipstick in 100 Androgino and 401 Hot
Out of a possible 36 shades (retailing for €28, that's almost two weeks of morning coffees fyi) there are 3 "expressions", groups of colours known as Incognito - second-skin beiges, Fatal - sophisticated reds and Eccentrico - flirty pinks and corals. I have the shades 100 Androgino and 401 Hot.

So the verdict? Gosh, they're only gorgeous! Lovely and soft, yes the colour is fantastic. Androgino is the most beautifully soft nude, thankfully more on the brown side rather than sickly orange as too many nudes can be. Hot is seriously hot, just what you look for in a rich, burgundy Autumn lip.

With the chill in the air well and truly settling, I shall be giving these CC lipsticks a good run for their money, seeing as between them I have the perfect nude and perfect red. Although it's safe to say I'm already thinking about popping into Brown Thomas to crush on a couple more shades and possibly planning to buy Mum one for Christmas.

So balm, pencil, lipstick in one ...
Colour and Care
... can you wrap your head around it?


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