Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chic alternative to the white nail varnish trend courtesy of Armani

Giorgio Armani Bianca nail lacquer
White nails without the tipp-ex effect

For years I loved the idea of white nail varnish, but the results rarely lived up to expectations.

White nails have seen a revival (Thanks Pinterest) which saw many a bottle of the white stuff broken out, but many of us pale girls realised this was best left to the bronzed beauties of the internet.

Then, I found a way to make it work, and my dream of chic white nails was re-born.

A little background. Of the 18 gel-formula nail lacquers Giorgio Armani have released this season, there are 3 colour trends: Acqua - iconic eye-catching blues, Reds - speaks for itself, and Beiges - expanding upon Armani's signature greige tones.

Nestled within the Beiges is Bianca, a delicate, sheer white. It reminded me initially of the sheer pearly shimmers my Mum would often paint her nails over the years. All the lacquers are incredibly glossy, thanks to a formula inspired by car lacquer of all things with an in-built top coat.

One coat is light, glossy and just enough to give a lovely sheer finish. But never satisfied with just one swipe I started layering it up. 2, 3 (maybe I got to 4 but who's counting?!) I realised I was on to something. Definitely a chic white nail, but miles from clumsy Tipp-Ex nails that have been the bane of my existence all this time.

The formula is long lasting, glossy (as I've said) and the brush is a dream being long and thin with what is described as an in-built reservoir, making a three-swipe-application very plausible.

I'm a little worried about how quickly I'm going through the €24, 6ml bottle. Granted I've been heavy handed with my layering, and have applied this to myself twice and Mum (a conservative 2 coats) once.

Never the less I'm in love. Can't you tell?!

What do you think of the white nail trend?
Do you think it's wearable?


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