Friday, May 9, 2014

The Glitter-fobe

I have a love/hate relationship with glittery nail polishes, in face any nail varnish that isn't an opaque block colour I'm wary of. When I say love I mean I used to love them. I loved them when my first nail polishes were pink and blue with silver sparkles. When my 11-year-old self's go-to polish was a horrid dark green with gold flakes. When the first time, at age 7, someone applied a beautiful rainbow glitter I've pined for ever since.

However, I also hate them at time too. I hate removing them. I hate them first thing the morning when the glint catches my sleepy, pre-coffee eye. I basically hate them in daylight, unless it's Christmas. And it's not just glitters. It's shimmers, metalics, "sugar" finishes, "feather finishes", even Gosh's mat glitter intrigued me briefly before going into the Box Of No Return. My name is Lisa and I'm a polish snob.

Until Black Magic from Precious Polish came into my life. The 15-year-old-Goth in me giggled at the prospect of a black glitter. The brainchild of the very lovely Anita James, Precious Polishes are Ireland's one and only indie polish line, and, to quote, all "polishes are 5 Free: DPB FREE, Formaldehyde FREE, Formaldehyde Resin FREE, Toluene FREE and Camphor FREE and all glitters used are solvent resistant so they won't bleed into your polish."

Black Magic contains flecks of minute black "glitter" with a sprinkling of iridescent blues, greys and greens. Nothing too overbearing, not your traditional topcoat - but what I'm now dubbing a chic amount of sparkle.

I'm wearing it here over an Inglot polish, the number of which I will never remember (I want to say 375...) but it was from the coffee collection, teamed with (slightly chipped) OPI's My Very First Knockwurst - one of the more beautiful nudes I've seen in a long time.

Anita also designs custom orders (hello hen party idea) and the prices can't be beat. I wouldn't say that if I genuinely didn't think that. I have another subtly sparkly polish winging its way to me very soon, so this glitter-fobe may well turn a new leaf yet.

Am I a fool to fear glitter?
What's your favourite glitter combo?


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