Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contrasting Colours

After much reflection I think there was a definite subtext to my day today; that being colours. What's entertaining is that my laptop is set to English (USA)-speak, so it thinks the word "colour" should be spelled "color". Philistine.

There have been a few colours as of late I have been attracted to. Brown - embodied by the fact I bought 110euro brown leather boots (availed of the student discount though, so only paid 93) and grey - 50% to be exact. The photographer in me loves it. It makes colours pop - it's the only background to accurately view colours too - it's why I love overcast days so much, that's the colour of the sky. The sky was 50% grey today, and it's well and truly Spring - almost Summer. As a result, everything was green. Everything. The leaves on the trees, the grass, the mountains. My 35mm and I went to the park. Photos to follow - I would think it to be pointless to try to describe such a visually appealing day without photos. So more about the green, green Earth in later scribblings.

In contrast to the wonderful green of today; we also have its opposite colour. As both Art and Physics tell us; the opposite to green is red. But to say they are "opposite" colours is juvenile; on the contrary they are "complimentary" colours. A term far more endearing. I'd like to think of them as codependent rather than at-odds. So what was red, I hear you ask? Well, I don't literally - that's just a narrative technique to move my ramblings along. Well I've dyed my hair red. Chestnut, to be pedantic about it. I've been blonde for 21+ years, and encountered enough assumptions of "dimwitted-ness" or "ditzy-ness" for the time being. Nothing drastic, or permanent; but after trying a wash-in-wash-out deal, I figured I'd go in for the whole haul, as they say. The 20+ washes haul. I've had the underside of my hair coloured, but this is the first time I've done a whole head of colour.

Reactions are as follows:

11.45PM - Hair is wet. Can tell it's darker so far, but it's firmly wrapped in a towel.

12.00AM - Run towel briefly over hair - there's a definite red hue to the shine I can see so far. So I'm sure to have secured a tone that should match my colouring. I've referred to blonde, ginger, copper and auburn hair as being "on the Gaelic end of the hair-colour spectrum".

12.30AM - Hair is drying out. Yep, it's red. Not firey or striking, but rather subtly distinctive - if such a thing could exist. I do recall the colour of the "conkers" collected from under the trees in Autumns of years ago - so I guess the box was correct. The fact my hair is so fair probably means I picked up a lot of the red tones. When does anything turn out like the picture on the box? There's a philosophical question for you ...

Why did I start a blog? I think to much, simply put. And in a rather digressive way. As my Dissertation proved, no matter how much I write (7,862 words) I'll still want to say more. Confirmation of this, as well as the resultant photographs of todays outings, to follow.

12.40AM - How will it look if I arrive to work with curly, deep-red hair?

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