Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crayons on Brown Paper and Snapshots of Time

Humidity is an odd thing. It makes me feel like I can't breath and gives me a headache. But a warm humid night is a rather nice night to be locked out of the house (it didn't last long, don't worry). Plenty of wind making the clouds glide across the sky. It's so strange how they're orange at night having been white all day; light pollution is a strange concept.

While the weather was not my friend today - I got my photos back from the day in Marley Park. There's plenty of green, plenty. I started to assemble them into a book for a friend of mine; the idea being one roll of film to show her around life here in Ireland (she's in New Zealand) contained in a little book with accompanying text; more than captions, an illustrated letter of sorts. I was planning this when she sent me a birthday present, but barely had time to change my socks never mind go out and shoot a roll of film just for the fun of it. So far I covered the front cover in brown paper. Always loved its texture and understated quality; it's really quite pretty I think. In my last job I bought enough to keep a constant supply for presents; brown paper and ribbon - the right people appreciated it at least.

Alas, this air pressure is reeking havoc with my head. Bed is calling, as is an early shift in work. Update on the book later.

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