Friday, May 28, 2010

Muffin Bokeh

I've had some less-than-great news. The job I was being trained and settling into has been cut short. I was told they were "looking for more speed" and older staff were asking for extra shifts and the manager in charge of the rota said she'd prefer to put them in so there were "no shifts left" and it "was a case of last in, last out" or something along those lines. I'm quoting to resist the urge to biased paraphrasing.

I could be paranoid and come up with my own conspiracy theories as to why I got let go (as of yet, I don't know if anyone else was) but I'm just more annoyed in how it was handled. I was in Monday, it was quiet, told I could go home early - which has happened before. Tuesday the general manager called me and gave me the news and that I didn't have to do my shift on Thursday. Quite the kick in the teeth ... had my last shift and didn't even know it.

So I'm many respects I have been distracted, and in a bout of irony I am now trying to distract myself from said distraction. Some photographic evidence of said distractions I'm baking form.

Pistachio and plain chocolate muffins.

Notoriously difficult to de-shell, the pistachios left a little to be desired - a hint of the flavour is there, but more next time for sure.

Nonetheless, they're delicious - and photogenic.

A breakfast variety are soon to follow.

If all else fails I'll do a cookbook dedicated to muffins. Breakfast, snack, sweet, savory, treat, dessert; the cupcake has had its time, now it's all about muffins as far as I'm concerned. I have a recipe for carrot cake muffins, I may try to come up with one for Black Forest Gateux (spelling, anyone?) or Brazilian chocolate cake (it involves cola I'm told).

In describing my baking endeavour as a muffin party, my filthy mind notice tbd innuendos available on the subject. Working titles include - "Dirty Muffins - Baking for the Filthy Minded" or "Bluffin' with Muffins"

This is what happens with all play and no work ... make Lisa something something

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