Monday, January 28, 2013

Fine One One - What's your Emergency?

I was arrested last Thursday. 

There I was drinking champagne, as ya' do on a work night, and all of a sudden I hear a loud siren and a mega-phone voice informed me I was under arrest. Apparently I was just too damn gorgeous; who knew that was a felony? Tough life, I know.

Then a makeup artist, who was wearing a police hat and handcuffs, hit me with a night stick. Also somebody thought it would be great idea to give Mark Rogers a megaphone ... This is all in a day's work when you're at a Benefit event. But what doesn't happen every day is the launch of something really, really special.

cheek and lip tint

Now I'm already a huge Benefit fan, a self-confessed Benebabe. I'm all for simple, effortless beauty and this brand is more focused on enhancing everyone's natural beauty than making them look like one-dimensional, high-end clones. So of course, you may say, I'm going to think anything they release is the best thing since sliced bread; but trust me, this is a real winner.

This is Fine One One, it's a cream blusher and highlighter in one that also doubles as a lip tint in a clever twist-up stick . I'm not joking when I say there were gasps echoing around the room when we were first told about it at the Benefit Christmas Blogger Meet Up. It's a cream to powder finish; it glides on, you blend it out and then it settles to be velvety soft and shimmering - rather than staying creamy and sticky. Cream-to-powder is not exactly new but having three colours in the one product is unique to Fine One One.

Even on my dry skin it comes out glowing and doesn't try out or drag your foundation across your face. The colour is pigmented and build-able and the results are glowing and particularly beautiful on us Irish girls. That said, this product has been tested for years on pretty much every skin type and skin tone - it won't settle in any pores or fine lines, it's not greasy or drying and I witnessed a room of 30+ girls try it on and it looked beautiful on all of them.

If like me you're that person on the bus in the mornings, bleary eyed and trying to apply makeup between red lights in an attempt to look human - this product is perfect. Gorgeous cute packaging, and a great multitasker. It's also great for travelling, festivals and those of us who just want something fuss-free but functional.

cheek highlighter lip tint swatch

Sweep Fine One One over your cheeks and blend with fingers, sponge or brush for an instant pop of iridescent colour. The pink champagne highlighter will act as your cheekbones' own personal spot light - the kind I image Jennifer Lawrence travels with. Then the sheer watermelon and slightly shimmering soft coral blend beautifully together for a soft glow and subtle contouring. It really lifts your complexion - and your cheek bones! Also, angle the stick you have a stick highlighter! Hello shimmer brow bones, cupids bows - anything you like! Turn it around and you have a lovely coral lip stain; 3-in-1 in less that 3 minutes! (you know I'm excited when I come up with cheesy phrases like that!)

Fine One One launched this weekend. It flew off the shelves in Brown Thomas, and has reportedly sold out in America. Coming in at €32 and stocked at your nearest Benefit counter. Go on and treat yourself if you ask me! Be sure to try it out in store that way not only will you leave the shop feeling great knowing you own this little gem, you'll also look great! Having poured over Spring/Summer makeup trends I'm confident in saying this product will be perfect for that minimalist glowing-skin look - a perfect companion to dewy-finish and "illuminating" foundations.

Benefit have said they believe everyone has "the right to get gorgeous" - and if you need any help, it's Fine One One to rescue.

So what do you think?
Who are you going to call? (besides the Ghostbusters, obviously ...)

Lots of love


  1. Ahh I really do need to get this!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's really unlike anything out there at the moment I think!

  3. Raging I missed this event, ill defo be picking up one of these though

    1. Oh you should! So handy to have. I don't have anything like it

  4. Your story is sooo funny! Love it :D
    And that looks amazing!!!