Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bargain Alert! Siopaella - Back with their €4 Fundraiser

Siopaella sale fundraiser

No, you read that right. There is a way to get your hands on Marc Jacobs, American Apparel, Jaeger and many more and come away with change for a fiver. And yes, it's all legal.

Designer haven Siopaella are having an other one of the highly-successful, almost infamous, charity events to raise money for A Dogs Life (warning: dog pictures may cause the weepies). And if you needed any more reason to regain your faith in humanity, all the pieces in the sale have been donated by extremely generous consignors.

Want some even better news? It's on a Sunday!

Personally, I'm breaking my pj-day rule and high-tailing it into town to get first pick. But don't worry, in the interest of fairness, the clever staff in Siopaella have a tradition of staggering releases of fresh stock throughout the day. In the past I've arrived at 6.30pm and still walked away with Cavalli shorts, so there is hope for anyone partial to a lazy Sunday.

If you don't make it in on Sunday, Siopaella's two stores (Temple Lane opposite The Mezz and Crow Street opposite Urban Outfitters) are places I highly recommend. I tell everyone about them. Repeatedly. Clothes are of excellent quality, unbelievable value and fresh stock arrives in pretty much daily. If you have a peek at their Facebook (linked above) you can see new stock as it comes in - but be warned you may need to invest in drool-resistant protection for your keyboard.

Side note: They had Louboutins in recently, needless to say the would have fit me but they sold almost immediately. High-end consignments are coming in so fast the place is bursting at its beautifully crafted seams.

If you need any more encouragement, how about I brag about some of the gems I've picked up there:

Calvin Klein slippers for €10 (yeah, I know)
Marc Jacobs mouse flats for €45
Marc Jacobs t-shirt
TopShop Jeans
2 Zara dresses (one of them in the €4 fundraiser)
Vintage necklaces and belts
... and there are more, but I think you hate me enough as it is.

So if you promised yourself this Pay Day Weekend you'd be sensible and not go mad shopping - now you have the perfect excuse to get some great stuff, and give to a great cause.

Who's with me??

Post by: Lisa Dunn


  1. I love siopa ella but would you believe that I haven't actually been in her 2 shops, just the drooling on facebook and talking to friends about it! If I wasn't broke(as in I can't afford the Dart into town..) I would be in like a flash!

    1. Aw one day! And when you eventually do get there I'm sure you will rewarded with something beautiful! :D