Friday, February 22, 2013

The Three Men I Plan on Spending my Weekend with

... Besides my Boyfriend, obviously

lurcher mix puppy

This not-so-little guy will be running around and wrestling with other pups at a DSPCA King of Paws Play Date.

Great socialisation for them, all the dogs are within the same age bracket, they learn about play and proper behaviour and you can practice some of your training too. The play dates are free, but you have to register so they know how many dogs will be there. You are asked to make a small donation if you can.

Play dates or indoors, well supervised and the single best way to spend an hour on a Saturday! Honestly, it's a happiest place on Earth. Let me spell it out for you - it's a room full of puppies!!! It's impossible not to fall in love with them all and pretend your's isn't the one humping the chair ...

JW Anderson Topshop BT2
JW Anderson. I've spoken about my love for JW Anderson before, so it's probably pretty obvious that I'm getting all geared up for his lates Topshop collection to come to BT2 stores.

I've poured over the collection numerous times. I have my heart set on a dark denim shirt, but I highly doubt it will end there.

This collection is very much playing on his signature men's tailoring. It seems quite androgynous (good word) - even the skirts are kilts ... oh the gender-bending cultural statements we can draw from that. But! Let's not digress.

It's edgy, macabre (great word) and quirky. I'm madly in love already. And yes I am aware how desperate I sound.


My previous post on the Siopaella Fundraiser has thankfully been quite a hit! So hopefully you're all already planning your own trips to catch it.

I was hooked as soon as I heard there was a Marc Jacobs piece(s) to be found among the bargains. Sure I may not buy said piece, but at I at least want to see what it is!

Yes, I'm obsessed, but something comes over me when the possibility of Marc Jacobs in my hands comes to light.

In all seriousness, I'm not exactly well-off right now (or ever, for that matter) so the prospect of great clothes at even greater prices is too good to pass up.

There's generally a great buzz around the shop on the day too, so even if you don't pick up anything it's worth a visit.

So, how will you be spending your weekend?
Is it as jam-packed as mine?

Post by: Lisa Dunn

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  1. AW lovely weekend planned! I'm being dragged to the rugby this weekend... :/