Saturday, February 9, 2013

My new love affair, lighting up my life with Chanel

First of all. This is not a review. Attempting to catch up on over a week's worth of blogs has left me weary of glowing reviews and endless swatches. Oh the swatches. Also new job (yay!) requires me to write almost constantly, checking myself, word counts, structure - so I would much prefer to just ... write for the moment. If that's alright with you of course.

I blame Kelly Hope Murphy for this. She got her hands on the limited edition Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder. I missed my chance to have someone pick it up duty free but I chanced my arm and cautiously approached the Chanel counter.

chanel illuminating powder

Admittedly I was nervous, I had never bought any Chanel before - I'd only ever stolen some of my mum's perfume. I had hovered nearby as other people had made enquiries, but now I was on my own. Of course, it was sold out. It's sold out everywhere. But one clever sales assistant had a rummage in the stock room and came up with this beauty - POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE in the limited colour Reverie.

It's hard to explain, the natural finish - it's a matt finish but it's also shimmery. She dusted it around my neck but told me I could also set my make-up with it. A photography couldn't do it justice, it's so subtle but luxurious. What's more is that it didn't cost as much as the Poudre Signee and it's absolutely giant, it fills my whole hand. Nothing makes me happier that seeing those double Cs imprinted on the lid. And the little powder puff - oh I'm just smitten.

This is just the beginning of my love affair with Chanel. Stay tuned for more shiny reasons for my bank balance to be in the sorry state it's in ...

Have you ever bought yourself a piece of high end make-up?
Lots of love
Post by: Lisa Dunn