Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luxe for Less - Quilted Biker Jacket

Well there comes in time in every girl's monthly budget she admits to herself that she hasn't won the lottery and Pay Day is painfully far away. But does that stop her wanting nice things? Of course not - does anything?

We've all been there, but there is hope. 
This is where Luxe for Less comes in. 

It has two meanings, say it out loud - looks for less. Put together that killer outfit without killing your bank account. And also, get that luxury look with out the luxury price tag.

Okay sales pitch over - I'm not a rich person, but somehow I developed a pretty expensive taste. To feed my habit I love nothing more than happening upon something in a high-street shop that looks like something worth so much more. Chanel-inspired jackets, Michael-Korrs-lookalike bags - I even found a handbag in M+S that looked a lot like something Prada would do.

But what fun are these finds if you can't share them? So that's exactly what I'm doing here. Now. Right now!

Strolling through Penneys a few days ago I found myself drawn to jackets in their Limited Edition collection. The Limited Collection is stunning, absolutely stunning - packed with trends and staple pieces. They kind of pieces no-one will believe you only paid a few Euro for.

And speaking of stunning ...

White leather, quilted, studded - heaven. At a cool €32, I'm considering giving up my LUAS/Bus Combi ticket and walking to work for a week - all bundled up in this beauty. The detailing is amazing, from the zips to the slightly flat studs ... I could go on and on

It reminds me of something you'd find in Zara - or better yet, it's not a million miles off a CĂ©line creation (sure it's not 100% but not a bad try).

Penneys have really upped their game with the likes of embellished trousers, acid colour-wash shorts and amazing prints coming out this season. This coat in particular is available in stores from the middle of February so ... (checks calendar ... runs out the door)


Post by: Lisa Dunn


  1. I'm such a mom - all I could think was "The cuffs would get SO dirty"; oh dear :/ it is lovely though

    1. Haha, I know! Me and my coffee habit would have that ruined in no time! But I love it so much ... those studs, can't get over those studs!

  2. Oh its very lovely! I would get make up all over that collar! x

    1. I know! What is about white thing being so lovely but so impractical for us messy people?! :P