Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nail varnish exchange?

I recently organised my nailvarnish ... 
It was spilling out of it's box and was hiding in handbags
Then it got me thinking - why not a swap???

Nail varnish exchange
True Blue - Cranberry - Undercover - Pinking Shear - Tranquil

Nail varnish exchange
I counted and I have over 80 bottles. Darks, lights, metalics, glitters all of it. It might be as many as some, but it's still a lot for one person. I'm a typical girl - I see a pretty colour and I buy it. It means a end up with an alarming number of greige, reds and teal colours. It's time I change things up a bit!

We all have colours we've never used or forgotten about. These are a perfect example of that - ELF Cranberry which I've never used and i have multiple bottles of scarlet glitter. True Blue and Pinking Shear from 17 - which I can't ever recall buying, Undercover from Wet n Wild I bought in San Francisco in June and Tranquil from Barielle Shades that I picked up as part of a group of French manicure shades in TK Maxx a few months ago.

So does anyone want to swap? For now I can only offer this to Ireland and the UK.

If anyone is interested get in touch!
Maybe we can start a chain of swaps and spruce up our collections without leaving the house :)


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