Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today I am wearing ...

Benefit Hello Flawless powder in I love me - Ivory

I was given this at the Fake Up launch, to mark one year of Hello Flawless foundation.

I use the little brush that comes with it to dust over my foundation and concealer to set it. It's light enough that it's not cakey or drying and doesn't kill the dewy finish of my foundation - but keeps oily sheens at bay.

The colour is a little on the yellow side of neutral - but I use it so sparingly I wouldn't notice

I use the powder puff for on-the go touch-ups - great for covering bags under your eyes after a long day at a computer screen!


(I'm gonna be trying to post daily micro-posts as I'm going to call them in an effort to show my much-neglected blog some love. Let me know what you think!)