Friday, April 26, 2013

Today I'm Wearing Benefit...

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxegen Wow Foundation Ivory
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxegen Wow Foundation - in I'm Pure 4 Sure Ivory

I bought this when it was tried on me on counter. I love a good medium coverage but always forgot I had this in my stash.

Then my sister discovered it and loved it. I only just got it back while she saves up to buy her own (pssst, don't tell her I'm buying her one when I get paid)

I lightly buff this all over my face and stipple extra on some extra coverage around the centre of my face where I have more to hide. This is how I apply all my foundations.

I love how light it is - which is why I loved it on my sister so much. It glows on young skin, not too heavy. For myself it gives me a cleaner look; that satin, skin-like finish halfway between dewy and matt.

Ivory is on the yellow side of neutral but a pretty good match for me. I set it with my Hello Flawless Custom Face Powder.

Any more Bene-faces out there?


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