Sunday, October 14, 2012

How was Blogger Brunch?

It all started, as most things do, on Twitter. As is custom on a Friday I tagged a number of Irish beauty and fashion bloggers in a #FF (Follow Friday, it's a Twitter thing) post. On the back of that Annemarie (of Stylebiscuit) suggested we should have a blogger breakfast or lunch, get together some of the Irish gals to finally put faces to names, and so blogger brunch was born (not quite breakfast, not quite lunch but a great example of alliteration) and yesterday saw me up and out early on a Saturday morning as it came to light.

The venue: 37 Dawson Street - one of the newer hotspots in town, where they claim all is not what it seems, and somewhere that's more than happy to serve Prosecco at noon.

The fabulous guests: Avril of Blushful Beauty, Aoife from Fashion Turn to the Right, Tara from Beauty and the Binge, myself of course, and Annemarie aka Stylebiscuit

And the equally fabulous results:

Brunch menu. So much choice
French toast with berry compote and vanilla marscapone - yum!
Aoife and Avril looking lovely and myself forgetting the "don't look straight at the camera" rule
Tara and Annemarie looking gorgeous (not pictured, Tara's seriously sparkly jewelry!)

Goodie bags - because I'm that kind of host
Tara's Baileys coffee - it packs a punch, I'm getting one next time!

First of all I may as well explain the slightly-fizzy phone photos - you'd never think it but out of 5 bloggers there wasn't one camera! What were we thinking? But that's all the more reason to have an other one, right? To get more pictures.

It was a really lovely afternoon. I know Avril and Aoife from years of schooling and awkward teenage years, but this was the first time we were really hanging out together as bloggers! And it was great to finally meet Tara and Annemarie having spoken to them on Twitter and read their blogs for so long now.

It's really good to get a bunch of people together with a shared interest - because you don't run out of things to talk about! Whether it's product recommendations, brand comparisons, the perils of working in retail or how you got started blogging - it's so great to be with people you instantly have loads in common with! I can express enough how much fun it was.

So now the question remains - who's organising the next one? Dinner? Drinks? Dancing?


PS - A special mention has to go out to 37 Dawson Street who, considering hiccups like sticky-floor crisis, comped ALL our drinks! All of them! That's not something you see every day :)

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