Monday, October 15, 2012

What the hell, Chanel?!

Eh ... new CHANEL N°5 campaign staring Brad Pitt. No. Just no.

Sorry Lagerfeld, but while the gravely voice is quite nice; the wrinkled shirt, wiry facial hair (which I have never been a fan of) and these picture - are not! 

I'm very confident that I would have done a better job in my first year of college. In fact I would have been laughed at if I handed that in.

But well played Chanel, well played. Thinking about it, they'll never have to air this ad on TV or print it in any magazines. The buzz around this campaign will market itself between Google images, blogs (like this, yes I'm playing right into their hands) and Youtube - it's well worth the 30min of effort the whole thing probably took. If even.

For future reference, this is the perfect Chanel campaign

Marilyn for life.

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