Thursday, October 25, 2012

#NOTD 25 October - Nude nail and mint accent

A recent trip to The Square in Tallaght saw me in one of only two Superdrug stores in Dublin. I picked up quite a few things, reviews to come later, but I spent quite a while in front of the Me Me Me counter. I've never seen so many dupes in one place! More investigation is definitely needed!

In any case, I picked up three nail varnishes all around €4.95 each. I needed to redo my nailvarnish - as my nails grow so fast they start looking odd after a week (so Shellac is out of the question).

The nude colour is unlike anything I've owned in the passed, it's called Ambitious - I didn't think it would be quite at beige as it came out, thinking it would be a softer slightly sheer colour but it's quite a solid colour, a little different and I quite like it.

The mint green is called Pensive - I compared it to Essie Mint Cady Apple in the bottle and it's very similar, however it looks a little lighter; a duskier softer version. Really lovely on.

I put down a clear/light pink base coat from  Collection - I find the polish dries completely clear, and not quite a glossy shiny finish and the colour of the polish I put over it comes out well and it keeps it from staining my nails.

I put on two coats - as I do with all polishes and topped it off with a diamond top coat from H+M (the only top coat I have strangely enough...)

So long story short - those are my nails at the moment! I was initially unsure of the nude colour but I decided I really to like it. I feel it makes my nails (and fingers) look longer - which I am all for as I have child-like-stubby fingers. I painted them on Sunday and as of this morning the only chip is on my thumb where my nail is breaking anyway (but I'm trying to save it with LOADS of polish) and I've had a number of complements on the colour. I think they look quite classy and casual and they go with anything and everything! I bought a darker nude colour which I think I will be trying out next :)

Anyone else still rocking the accent nail?


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