Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surprise Benefit sneak peak!

I had the pleasure, and pure pleasure it was, of attending the Benefit Blogger Christmas Party (because apparently once it turns October it's perfectly acceptable to talk about Christmas ...) where we got to gaze lovingly over all the lovely gift sets and a few newer products. Let's just say my Christmas wishlist is a mile long now!

And speaking of  new products - we got a sneaky peak of something extra special. Traditionally, Benefit ring in the new year with the launch of a new box blush - but never ones to play it safe they've decided to  change it up and release ...wait for it ...

... a cream blusher!!!

Introducing Fine One One, because, as we're told "You Have the Right to get Gorgeous" - and I am officially in love!

First off, the packaging is really beautiful, in a shiny rose-gold twist tube (rose gold is by far my favourite colour lately) I know my pictures aren't the best, but I'm a terrible excuse for a blogger and I only had my phone to take snaps on!

But not only is it gorgeous on the outside, it's stunning on the inside.

A beautifully light, smooth creamy texture the product is a three-in-one, multi-purpose piece - who doesn't love a good multi-tasker?!
Contained within is a delicate but pigmented coral base, a watermelon pink and a highlighter - yes, a highlighter! As you can tell I'm very excited ...

The product goes on pigmented, but slightly sheer. It will work great for giving you that glow and I think it will be particularly lovely on us Irish girls with our fair skintones.
The colour can be built up to an extent - but let it be known this is not a statement blusher. It's soft and glowing and one to give that je ne sais quoi quality to any look.

The coral colour can be used on the lips - and I'm not just saying that, it really does look nice on the lips unlike some "all-in-one" products, and the highlighter, well what can't a cream highlighter be used for? Under your brows, at the cupids bow the possibilities are endless.

Fine One One hits stores in early 2013 - so hold on to that Christmas money. I'm not ashamed to say I will probably be queuing at the doors to get one...

Roll on 2013!


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