Monday, October 8, 2012

Which hand cream am I loving lately?

I wasn't much of a Hand Cream Person up until now, and even then I was aware you could pay anything for one and there's no guarantee it will be worth it. My mum would usually have tube knocking around somewhere, but I never thought of it as a product I would seek out unless maybe I was giving myself a manicure - and then I would be looking for a hand and nail cream and the greasiness and strong scents turned me off the idea. I tried my Nivea Soft for a while, as it's marketed as Face, Body and Hands cream, but I found it took a little bit too long to sink in for a hand cream.

But it's amazing what office work does to you! A friend in work had a Marks and Spencers hand cream on her desk, she was a Hand Cream Person and I tried it once or twice, partially because it smelled lovely, but nothing magical happened - and I couldn't use my mouse or keyboard while I waited for it to sink in, and not long later all signs and smells disappeared and my hands didn't feel all that different.

Then Lidl happened. It was an impulse buy to be honest, but it had been on my mind that I needed something as I was getting dry skin on the outside of my index fingers (I have no idea why but I blame the zips on my boots) and the new soap in the bathroom was quite drying on my hands. So while stocking up for a week of lunches ahead of me I made a point of taking a look down the cosmetics and skin care aisle, having heard there were some real gems to be had - and low and behold, I found one! It's the Cien bodycare Moisturising Hand Cream with Almond Oil and Shea Butter.

Firstly, it's €1.50 - yes, you read that right, it's 1Euro and 50cent. It claims to be "intensely hydrating" and to contain "vitamin complex". I have to admit, I was a bit of a snob and though "yeah right, what it is really going to be like being so cheap ..." but I should never have doubted it! Just as the label says, it's nourishing and quickly absorbed - it takes barely a minute to spread just the tiniest amount over my hands and through my fingers and it begins to absorb almost instantly with no sign of greasiness once it's all soaked in. I'm a sucker for anything with shea butter lately - I love how moisturising it can be, and almond oil has long been added to hand, nail and hair products as it's a great source of vitamin E.

This hand cream delivers everything it promises. Like I said I only need the smallest amount to cover my hands which absorbs quick but keeps my hands super soft. I use it every time I wash my hands and the dry skin on my fingers is clearing up so well - almost immediately any flakiness was nowhere to be seen and the tough dry skin is softening every day and my hands feel so soft all the time. So I guess I'm a Hand Cream Person now.

The only problem? I only have one tube - I miss it on the weekends! Must stock up. Best €1.50 I've spent in a long time.

Any more Hand Cream People out there?


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