Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Today I'm daydreaming about Rimmel ...

Rimmel Apocalips Stellar Dublin Zoo
Boyfriend and I at Dublin Zoo - Wearing Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar

Saturday Boyfriend had the greatest idea ever and suggested we go to the zoo. I reverted back to a child and got probably too excited. Then my beauty-junky brain kicked in and thought - what am I going to wear?!

I haven't really got a chance to try out my Rimmel Apocalips since I bought them. I've worn Celestial once or twice but it was nothing to write home about. But it being such a nice day I decided to go as bright as possible and broke out Stellar for the first time.

Red lipstick was my first love makeup-wise, and Stellar doesn't disappoint. The second I opened the door Boyfriend remarked "That's bright lipstick" and it remained so the whole day. Between popcorn, ice-creams and pizza that evening, a few on-the-go touch ups was all I needed. And as someone with the driest, flakiest lips in existence I can confirm that I found it to silky, smooth and not the least bit drying.

All round winner on my cards! I have Celestial and Galaxy already, so I may be breaking them out again soon after my good experience ... and I may even allow myself to consider buying more. And yes, three days later I'm still thinking about a lip product I wore to the zoo. Priorities.

Have you tried Apocalips yet?
Or, more importantly, have you been to Dublin Zoo recently?! It's only brilliant!


PS - I'll probably upload more pictures from the zoo later this week, the red panda is devastatingly cute! Anyone who has me on Facebook will know that already!